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Custom Formulations

What is a Custom Formulation?

Custom Formulation begins with an idea. There are thousands of different types of the same supplement, or what seems like the same supplement. So many formulas are available that you may be considering creating your own “custom version” to break through with the next ‘best thing’. That process is called “Custom Formulating”. Once the idea has been formed, you may wonder ‘now what?’. How to move forward is the hard part. To find some direction, you will need to consider the following questions:

  • Is your idea, just an idea and are you aware of the implications regarding FDA compliance, quality controls, and laboratory testing requirements? These factors should be considered to determine if your idea is even viable.
  • How will you differentiate your new product from that of the competition?
  • What is the value proposition (your secret recipe) of why is this worth the investment?
  • What form will this new supplement be consumed in? (i.e.: tablet, softgel, powder, tablet, etc.)?
  • What will a serving size look like?
  • What does the market currently look like in the same space as far as pricing is concerned?
  • How long will it take to become profitable with this new formulation?
  • How long will it take to get produced?
  • Does your current manufacturer have the ability/capability to produce it?
  • What testing will you need to confirm the claims outlined on the label or packaging of your new formulation?

Then What????

Once you know the answers it is time to get started, but how? The best solution is to contact your manufacturer of choice and ensure that they can take on your project. Ask about their quality systems, lead times, ability to produce new formulas, number of years in business, and whether or not they are FDA registered and periodically inspected.

Once you have chosen the right partner, your new supplement has begun to take form. By then you will have ensured that the right ingredients are being sourced and that testing is being done. You will also have decided on the form or type of the supplement to offer, and will have discussed turn-around times from your manufacturer. The next step, which may not seem so important at first, is elaborating the labeling and packaging. The packaging must be attractive and stand out next to the competition; if not, you risk getting lost in a wide sea of other average-looking supplements.  

High Quality Custom Formulation