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Raw Materials

Our Raw Materials and Bulk Powders are obtained from only the best sources because we are committed to the highest standards.

Bulk Powders & Raw Materials

Readily available from the best sources

At Health Genesis®, we obtain our bulk powders and raw materials from the most reputable sources in the industry, allowing us to provide excellence in quality standards. The constant rotation of our bulk stock allows for some of the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Most of the ingredients we offer in bulk are readily available and can be shipped promptly. Our extensive variety of over 500 different bulk products find their uses in the nutritional, food, pet and cosmetic industries.

We ensure that all our raw materials regularly undergo scientific lab analysis and are subject to frequent testing and screening processes. This ensures that all our products meet the industry quality standards known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Our products also meet or exceed nutraceutical and food grade requirements. When placing an order for bulk products, our customers are always furnished the corresponding certificate of analysis.

Finally, we warehouse all of our products in climate controlled facilities to ensure their freshness and stability. All of our nutritional supplement ingredients are safe, designated food grade and are intended for human and animal consumption. Minimum orders apply which range from 1 kg for some ingredients to 25 kg for most ingredients. If you would like to find out more about the variety, case minimums and availability of the raw materials we offer, please contact us.

Call us today at 1-800-595-6593 to find out more about Health Genesis® Bulk Powder and Raw Materials.

Urgent request

If you have an urgent request, feel free to call us at 1-800-595-6593 (Outside the U.S., call +1-305-861-0898).