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The Venezuela Project (Aid)


The situation in Venezuela is dire, with many of our brethren going hungry, and the sick are without access to critical medical supplies. Many are drinking unclean water, while mothers are unable to feed their newborns due to malnutrition. The economy is in shambles due to hyper-inflation and currency devaluation-making a pair of tennis shoes cost the equivalent of $30 dollars, but with a $17 monthly minimum salary. Very few people can afford even basic clothing items or food. 

Our organization has affiliations with people positioned to funnel help to Venezuela. They have worked out the logistics of getting funds and goods into the country. Some assistance has already been provided, but we need help to have a much bigger impact on the needs there.

Helping the People with the Venezuela Project

Health Genesis Gets Involved

After being made aware of this crisis, Health Genesis, led by Irena and David Bozdogan, knew they had to act. They also knew they had ability and resources to help. Their expertise lay in manufacturing health nutrition and supplements, so to the drawing board they went (aka the lab) to create a complete meal replacement to get the people the nutrition they desperately needed. As a result Proteina De Suero was developed. It is a base of Whey Protein powder, nutritionally fortified with everything that people need to survive. Health Genesis saw the need and went to work. After developing the complete nutritional supplement, Irena and David met with The West Broward Church of Christ, to work on the distribution.